For fans of:Coldplay, MuteMath, OneRepublic, The 1975

Sonically spacey and lyrically spiritual, lovestate has as diverse a sound as the members that comprise the San Antonio, Tx based band. From Coldplay to The 1975, from Bellion to Mutemath, there are no lines on what can inspire creativity for this Alternative/Indie pop force. Thoughtfully executed melodies comprised of ferocious percussion, electrifying guitars, and atmospherically colorful synth's are joined by crooning vocals that unapologetically transmit you from bittersweet optimism to gut-wrenching heartbreak. That is not to say lyrics take a back seat in this musical journey, each song is carefully crafted, each one built on the other, ultimately telling a story, and the first chapter of this story is told masterfully in the debut EP "Shadows". From the triumphant "Red Sea", which invites us to chant along, the synth heavy "Safe & Sound" with its charming optimism to the tragic broken hearted "Save You", this adventure invites you into introspection, sometimes gently, sometimes unrelentingly urging you ask the uncomfortable questions and open up your heart to the uncomfortable answers. To explore life in a way that is real, a way that is life-changing. To learn to dance in the wild and sing out our uncertainties, never losing our wonder.