Luke and Semone

For fans of:Gungor, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, Switchfoot, Bethel Music, Ayiesha Woods

Luke and Semone Seavers met in the fall of 2011 in Lynchburg, VA, home of their alma mater Liberty University. They were married just a year later. It is evident that God has united this couple together in order to bring glory to himself, which has been displayed through their united vision and calling to serve God through music, writing, and preaching Christ to the nations.

After only a few months being married, God called them into a season of not working conventional jobs. During this period, they have spent their time ministering through music at local nursing homes and discipleship to the homeless at a Salvation Army. They have had the unique opportunity to experience immense growth in their relationships with God and form a healthy foundation for their marriage without the time constraints a forty-hour work week. God has shown them many new things and is preparing them for their future ministry by revealing his provision and faithfulness to them.

Luke and Semone also have had time to create. Through their gifts in writing music, they were able to produce their first EP entitled “Open Arms.” The record is a culmination of six songs written over the past several years. These songs are meant to be a blessing to others, and, above all, bring glory to the One who inspires all creativity. It is Luke and Semone’s prayer that “Open Arms” allows others to experience the peace, love, grace, and freedom that is in Christ.

In addition to the music, this couple has a specific calling on their lives to go to the nations. In January 2012, while they were still dating, Luke and Semone had the opportunity to travel together to Zimbabwe with their small group. The Lord used this to further confirm to them this specific calling. Currently, Luke and Semone serve as missionaries in Haiti.