Lynnie Kaye

For fans of:John Michael Talbot, Patty Griffin, Michael Card, Keith Green

I am just a Christian who likes to write devotional music - and I like Folk music, so I think it came out with a folk-type sound. In selecting similar music, I went for the gold and picked four of my favorite artists, mainly for their prophetic mission/vision, their transparency about their humanity and living as a Christian in this world, and the folk elements. I picked John Michael Talbot because of his picking style, though mine is not comparably complex or advanced - I just like to hear the sound of each string in most cases. I am not a highly skilled guitarist - I did the best I could with what I have, using what I call a mixed finger-picking style. I wanted to share the experiences I had in communing with God and writing these songs. I would have gladly enjoyed an ensemble to perform with, but all I had at the time was the "one sheep" - myself. I also did not want to impose on the many gifted artists I knew in and around Murfreesboro, TN, and at my church, Fellowship Bible Church. I have since moved back to my home state of Mississippi. I thank God for all the moments of inspiration He gave me to write and enjoy singing these songs for Him and His people. Until we are all united again in Him, Lord Jesus, come quickly!! Amen.