Lyriq Nawqiy

For fans of:Phanatik, Ambassador, Lecrae, Nas, Talib Kweli

Born Todd Andrew Burton, raised on the south side of the Chi in a strict house hold; hip hop was not allowed to be played. The youngest of six kids, he was highly influenced by 80’s hits and later grew to love r&b for the passion and heart displayed in it. Introduced to rap by his brother T-Doh he began listening to artists such as: Bone Thugs N Harmony, Outkast, Ludacris, Method Man, and various others that helped create his ear for lyricism. He quickly became a student of the art form putting rhyme schemes together and developing his own style. Having grown up in a household with a religious father and a Christian mother he understood his gift to be God given and utilized it to glorify God. Introduced to Cross Movement in 2000, he immediately changed the music in his cd changer. He then began listening to more gospel rap artists, and growing in his faith and artistry.

When he began to rhyme his brother gave him the name Nawqiy, Hebrew, meaning the innocent. He was the baby of the family, the innocent child, therefore the name fit, but he was also cleansed by the blood of Jesus, making him blameless before a Holy God. The name Lyriq, was added in later years. As a hip hop artist, he seeks solely to give listeners a solution to the many woes of the world, citing Christ as the absolute antidote. His first mixtape entitled “Nawqiy Defined” initiates a call for believers and non-believers alike, to redefine themselves and find true definition in Christ Jesus, our savior. He holds firm to the belief that man should use their trials, tribulations and lessons as stepping stones to a higher means. Persevere through it all, in order to give God the glory. With no aspirations to be famous or a worldwide name, Lyriq Nawqiy spits to have his message heard entirely to glorify God in a manner that brings together, those opposed to God’s word.

Nawqiy’s second release; a mixtape entitled “Closed Captioned”, unleashes a three-fold mission. After seeking to find definition in the proper area with “Nawqiy Defined”, “Closed Captioned” seeks to solidify the new found definition in Christ as well as spread the knowledge to others by way of, exemplary living through actions, openness, and luminous living. The project, released on August 1st, 2014 is a call for all to step out of the box, be the light in the midst of dark, and live out the word. Three things that will have different meanings for all, but are important as a whole for each individual listener to grasp in hopes of completion.

Follow Lyriq Nawqiy on his spiritual and musical journeys, see the growth that stems from each release, and share in the excitement that permeates in his artistry, in order to bring a compelling message to all those who have an ear to hear. More music is sure to follow, as God continues to bring new obstacles, lessons, and joys into his everyday world. Lyriq has already been blessed with a wife: enriching his life, and with children to be added in the future, new relationships and stronger footing in his faith, the future continues to look bright, both for him, and all those who are supporters of what he does.