Magic Juand

Summer Fun

Summer Fun by Magic Juand
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For fans of:Jahlil Beats, Reazy Renegade, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier
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  1. Magic Juand - Sazax
  2. Magic Juand - Lip Sync
  3. Magic Juand - Shyness
  4. Magic Juand - Krill Fridge
  5. Magic Juand - Love
  6. Magic Juand - Best Friends
  7. Magic Juand - Sorrow
  8. Magic Juand - OMG
  9. Magic Juand - Storytime
  10. Magic Juand - 6 Septillion
  11. Magic Juand - 11:11
  12. Magic Juand - TURN TF UP In 30 SECONDS!!! (SF EP OUTRO)
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To repeat, or not to repeat? That is the question. This summer, Magic Juand has gathered a gift, an appeal. But, what's REAAAAALLY inside? Any different than the last year's Summer SCHOOL EP? Yes. Much different. You see, Magic Juand here has changed his style and over time compiled music whilst the world thought he had given up. That was the BIG question. Now the even BIGGER question just is, will you stay bored and play that every day song or will you give something new many yeses and goes in order to make for loads of never ending Summer Fun? Don't we all choose that 1st option? You won't know what gifts are inside if you don't open it and play....


EP cover done by Zohaib Cheetah ~> @cheetah_works

< email Zohaib via EP endorsed by Toxic Records ~> @user-482563935 < email Toxic Records via Rights to song/piece owned by Magic Juand & Toxic Records. Magic Juand @Magic-Juand < email Magic Juand via

For fans of:Jahlil Beats, Reazy Renegade, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier
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