For fans of:Bonobo, Shpongle, Sunmonx

Welcome to planet Mantravine. Here we speak the language of rhythm. It beeps and snaps, twists and zings, bursts from our fingers and reaches out of our mouths in cosmic song. It shakes the ground with a gleaming brass-line and slices through the heart with carnatic guitar. The language cannot be described by mere human words, but swells explosively from our extraterrestrial bodies in a frequency frenzy. We are the sound scientists you will understand with your soul.

We grow towards the light like vines, chant ancient mantra to make our vision real and infect others with funky dance moves or wild alien faces. Yet all actions are for a common cause to defy classification, express ourselves in the moment. On our planet sounds are more than understood, they are experienced.

Its psychedelic sound has reached audiences at festivals like Luminate & Twisted Frequency (New Zealand), Atman (Sri Lanka), Phoenix (Hawaii), Gaggalacka (Germany), Nataraja (France), One Music Camp (Japan), F1, Neon Lights (Singapore) and many more. Mantravine continues to defy genre with a variety of techniques like looping, improvisation, audience participation and unexpected combinations of style and frequency. It continues to create new definitions for itself as it grows in further cosmic directions.