Marquee Mayfield

For fans of:Mayer Hawthorne, Justin Timberlake, Jamiroquai, Chromeo, Hall & Oates

The origin story is such - Marquee Mayfield was made in a factory in Nashville, Tennessee – manufactured as a country-pop singing clone being groomed for sale to music executives within an indomitable industry. Every night, however, a young scientist named Chloe would sneak him out to teach him about music – disco, funk, and R&B. Their relationship blossomed. Suddenly, Mayfield’s proverbial number was up. Chloe freed him when she discovered he was due for purchase as a country-pop singer and erased his programming, replacing it with programming that allowed him his musical freedom. It's a new form of funk, with a flair of fetish for the past.

In the songs, you hear a modern programmed mind, richly versed in the old school of soul and smitten by the large R&B/funk acts & pop-disco productions of the 70s & 80s. While still paying homage to the legends of the genres he holds so dear, Marquee Mayfield showcases the evolution of an artist that has found his own unique voice. From the heartfelt, blue-eyed soul croonings, to the luscious horn lines & silky-smooth bass riffs, you can hear Mayfield & his crew of funkster-romantics channeling their love for an era gone by with a contagious spirit that catches you and proves relevant for today.