Me and Boris the Bull

The Divorce Album

The Divorce Album by Me and Boris the Bull
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For fans of:Mellow Beatles, Folksy Floyd & Syd Barrett, Light R.E.M, Smiths, Decemberists
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  1. Praying Mantis.mp3
  2. A Million-Two.mp3
  3. Slumbering.mp3
  4. Divorce Theme (Band Made of Years).mp3
  5. Bleed, If You Need.mp3
  6. Ballerina in Blue.mp3
  7. Clibopb.mp3
  8. Minotaur.mp3
  9. Neck Romantic.mp3
  10. What You'd Be Like.mp3
  11. (Look at Me) I'm a Star.mp3
  12. Mister Robinson.mp3
  13. Another Ugly Day.mp3
  14. Sunday Driving.mp3
  15. Jeez, Louise!.mp3
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Me and Boris the Bull (M.D. Campbell) brings forth a first solo release, The Divorce Album, after years with bands and in-studio for other artists. This collection of tracks is a specific examination of a devastating and/or liberating theme in the modern family culture: Divorce. From the searing, bass driven opening of Praying Mantis, it's clear this album is an intentional commentary. Immediately followed by catchy classics, A Million-Two, Slumbering, The Divorce Theme (Band Made of Years), the theme moves into other areas, like Bleed, If You Need, an observers look at the effects of alcohol abuse, to Ballerina in Blue, a thoroughly uplifting jaunt to warm things down.The album is a one after the other playlist of hits, like Minotaur, (Look at Me) I'm a Star, and Mr. Robinson while songs like Neck Romantic, a psycho-sexual twist on 1950's radio mysteries (and where M.D. Campbell provides all the voice acting, as well as instrumentation for) and the gritty old Western yarn of What You'd Be Like, a ghostlike presence reflects the theme of the entire collection. Overall, this is one of those rare, independent gems that will go undiscovered except by a small, intimate fan base who recognize and appreciate the familiarity and subtle popness of each tune. Please consider donating if you enjoy the music to help provide resources to continue development on new music in the future.


© 2012 M.D. Campbell. All rights reserved.All songs written, performed, and produced by M.D. Campbell (Me and Boris the Bull) except** Backing vocals on The Divorce Theme (Band Made of Years) provided by the amazing Slumbering, without whose incredible vocals the song would never have been released.You can visit her YouTube channel:

For fans of:Mellow Beatles, Folksy Floyd & Syd Barrett, Light R.E.M, Smiths, Decemberists
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