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I was born in a small village in Cameroon, central Africa. My Dutch parents worked there as missionaries in bible translation for over 20 years, and I grew up in the capital, Yaoundé. I was first taught by my mother, then attended a small missionary-run elementary school, and finished high-school at a Christian international school (Rain Forest International School). At that school I was also part of the worship team, helping to lead the daily assemblies and weekly chapel with music. I played guitar, piano, and drums and lead vocally. I also sang in the choir and received voice lessons for some time. I have been writing songs since I was very young, having CD's from age 7 and age 10 to prove it. Songwriting became a way for me to express my feelings, usually centered around God, who is the most important to me and who I believe I am living for. My African artist name, Menkenja, meaning 'light', echoes this desire to share the amazing thing that brings me so much joy with the world.