Debrief by Menteur
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For fans of:Miles Davis, Animal Collective, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Snarky Puppy, Brian Eno
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  1. Outset
  2. Onset
  3. Doo Jee
  4. Flea Powder
  5. Zenith
  6. Pivot All
  7. Gadfar Sakken
  8. Tiring to Try
  9. Agit Prop
  10. Clamor
  11. Close Line
  12. De Trop
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Here, again, we have gone out of our way to push the boundaries of our musical comfort zones. It all started very strangely - no one was sure what to expect. There were two electric bass rigs, guitars everywhere, and a literal pile of trash in the corner that I tell people are "drums". We had no idea where the night was headed, just that it wasn't a normal jam session.

As with every album, it would be nothing without the other musicians. The talent of everyone in the room coupled with the will to totally abandon rules and predetermined structure made this album an incredible experience to be a part of, and is what makes it fun for me to still listen to now.

Also in typical fashion, in order to replicate the experience of the recording, the album was recorded binaurally and is best experienced in headphones.

Thank you so much for the continued support. I love you - We love you.



"Debrief" - Menteur

The Menteur Music and Performance Group, 2014.

All songs were recorded live in one take, and written/composed by:

John Reardon - Djembe, Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion

Jeff Hymes - Electric Bass, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Djembe

Jason Wolonick - Trumpet, Djembe, Percussion, Vocals

Chase Dubois - Drums, Djembe, The Thrift Store Drum Kit, The Beer Keg

Sam Brown - Computer, Guitar, Djembe, Percussion, Vocals

Ernest Thompson - Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar

Philippe Blanchette - Electric Guitar, Electric Bass

Carter Fourqurean - Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Five String Electric Guitar, 4 Track Cassette Recorder, Korg Monotron, Vocals, Percussion, Effects

Recorded Binaurally by Frank Head

Produced by Carter Fourqurean

For fans of:Miles Davis, Animal Collective, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Snarky Puppy, Brian Eno
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