Michael Stirtz

Old 40 Set 6.9.16

Old 40 Set 6.9.16 by Michael Stirtz
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For fans of:Bebo Norman, Phil Wickham, Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Mark Orton
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  1. Old 40 Set 6/9/16
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Recorded at my parents’ farmhouse, this project is a nod to the hours I spent on our family’s old grand piano growing up. Often after dinner, I would retreat to the “north room” and play until the dim light of the setting sun was the only thing lighting the room. These moments were formational in the role music would play in my relationship with God. I was glad to have a chance to record this set while we stayed with my parents for a week earlier this summer.

This project is the result of several ideas meshed together. It’s sort of a worship set, sort of a retrospective, and completely raw – four songs recorded in one take all on one track. I guess you can think of it like a musical podcast. Feel free to sing/play along using the chord sheets I’ve attached to this project. I hope it will stir your affections for Him. Thanks for your continued interest in my music!


For fans of:Bebo Norman, Phil Wickham, Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Mark Orton
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