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No Level Entertainment had the chance chop it up with upcoming artist MindFrame and discuss his life and new project. Here is what he had to say:

1. What inspired you to want to be an artist?

- My overall love for Hip-Hop and music in general, what it stands for, and how

it makes me and others feel. It started as a hobby and stress reliever and then

grew into much more.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

-My biggest inspiration is my whole family, myself, and life and its experiences.

3. Where were you born and raised?

-Memphis, TN

4. What has been your biggest fear coming into the music industry?

- Becoming a puppet! Having to change my style and basically who I am to

become something I am not. I am also afraid of being taken advantage of, and

selling my soul for a quick paycheck. This is a dirty game and some of the

players are as well.

5. If there was one person in the industry who you could shadow, who would it be

and why?

- I would honestly shadow Kanye West. I say him because he stays true to

himself and is art despite what people think and the journey he is traveling.

And with all that, he still is considered one of the greats and is still successful.

6. What do you feel the music industry is lacking?

- I feel the music industry is lacking genuine opportunities and more gateways

for upcoming artist. Especially for those who have talent. Speaking from my

own experiences, it is hard to stay “afloat” or keep momentum when your

money and music is being wasted and you just can’t find that break that you


7. Tell me about your latest single?

-My latest singles are It’ll Never Last and Gotta Be Me (Free). They are both

produced by JayShotti (a Memphis native producer). They are representations of

my past, future and present experiences dealing with relationships, friends,

family, haters and my overall dreams.

8. Any upcoming projects?

-As of right now I do not have any upcoming projects set in stone. But I am

currently still pushing my latest project entitled #DontMINDMe hosted by DJ

Smallz of Southern Smoke which is available on livemixtapes, datpiff, spinrilla,

and mymixtapez. This is my first real debut project.

9. What area do you feel you should market more?

- I would like to market more in the Southern region besides TN a little more, but

also branch out to the more northern states.

10. How did you come up with this single/project? Any inspirations?

-Basically real life altercations and experiences that actually happened to me and

made me feel some type of way. So I always portray my life in my music to inspire


11. What does your stage name mean?

- My stage name MINDFRAME was given to me in my freshmen year of high school. It

happened at lunch time where we used to have freestyle session in the cafeteria. I was

told that you can see the passion in my words and that I actually thought hard about what

I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it, and when I wanted to say it. Then it was said that

it seems like I am in a deep zone and I dig deep into my “mind frame” to pull my lyrics

out. So from that day forward I dawned the name MINDFRAME.

12. Have you done any shows in the past and do you have any recent shows or tours

coming up?

-I have done plenty shows in a handful of places. I’ve performed with the Coast2Coast

tour movement in TN, GA, and KY. I have performed in Mississippi at the 2016

Southern Entertainment Awards as well as in Charlotte, NC at the Nerve and Core Dj’s

music conference. I have also performed in cities such as Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta,

Louisville, and Miami just to name a few. As of right now I am currently open for

booking new dates.

13. How do you describe your music to people?

-My music is my specific view on life with its own unique sound of Hip-hop, Soul,

and R&B fused! I possess a southern sound and I am well-skilled in punch-lines and

metaphors. My music is for everyone! I talk about a variety of things, so my music

reflects the same. I have music you can party too, vibe too, drink too, reflect too,

think too and etc.

14. How would you define the word “success”?

-My definition of success is complex. But music wise, when I feel that my

message is understood, my dreams have become reality, my family is taken care of, and I

get to do what I love for a living…that is a true definition success.

15. Are you looking for an independent label deal or major label deal? (Why)

-I am really leaning toward an independent deal… but I am willing to sit and talk if it is

worth it.

16. Have you created a career, marketing, or business plan?

-Yes I have! I have been following it for about a month in a half and it has shown some

progress in my movement. It’s a networking based plan that focuses on opening up new

doors and opportunities and learning new in’s and out’s.