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“…And it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before” – Bob Dorr (Musician and longtime radio host at radio station KUNI)Using a modified Casio keyboard and a boombox –Mingo’s first electronic project received airplay on local college radio stations. Mingo’s music was unique even among the eclectic mix featured on college radio.

"Mingo looks more like a Sunday school teacher than a guy who makes a living promoting underground activity” – The Cedar Rapids Gazette

In the early 1990’s, influenced by the music and the underground dance scene spreading throughout Europe – Mingo co-founded one of the first Rave promotional crews in the USA. In addition to promoting parties, Mingo DJ’d and performed live P.A.’s at events throughout the Midwest. His sound ranged from an upbeat 140bpm Euro-Trance style to a much slower, Ambient sound with a heavy influence from acts such as The Orb and Tangerine Dream.

“The Once And Future World”

In 1999, after watching an episode of “Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict” – having been inspired by the title of the episode, “The Once And Future World” - Mingo started working on his first full length ambient/space album. After a marathon 72 hour recording session, he released the album online naming this album “The Once And Future World”. In 2005, the album was re-mastered and received airplay throughout North America and Europe and on notable long time ambient radio shows such as NPR’s “The Hearts of Space” and “Stars End”.

“…Captivating and sonically fascinating …Mingo has become a seasoned practitioner of this art form.”

In 2015, Mingo released his 11th ambient album, “The Blue Star”. Over the years, in addition to the array of analog and digital equipment, Mingo has included tribal percussion, digeridoo, the shakuhachi flute and other organic instrumentation into his sound.

“Off the grid and underground”

After the release of “The Blue Star”, Mingo went “off the grid”, taking temporary residence in a canyon in a desolate part of the Western United States. With no electricity, cell towers or fuel within miles, Mingo explored the area’s petroglyphs, created by the area’s ancient inhabitants – with possible extra-terrestrial alien connections. Nature and exploration has always been an influence on Mingo’s sound.

“I’m always looking for a new adventure – a way to explore the world both physically and sonically” - Mingo

Even while Mingo’s music maintains consistent airplay with considerable chart position on the New Age/Ambient/World music charts and is featured on syndicated programs such as “Hearts of Space” and “Echoes” – staying true to the electronic dance scene early in his career, Mingo and his music remains underground. He occasionally performs live at art galleries and coffee houses near his current home in Colorado.