Mitch Hayes

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Jim Croce, Townes Van Zandt, Eagles

Mitch Hayes is a talented singer/songwriter whose songs will take you on an emotional journey through timeless themes of love and loss, joy and sadness and social consciousness. His music has often been described as Americana with an attitude and is as eclectic as the creative influences that have helped to shape his writing through the years. The listener will hear hints of the classic singer/songwriters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jim Croce, Cat Stephens, and even a little Neil Diamond or Warren Zevon. There will be elements of Folk, Rock, Country, Blues, traditional Bluegrass and once in a while, a bit of Reggae or Jazz.

Being a songwriter means being a story teller and who doesn’t love a good story? Mitch says that what most inspires him to write is “life experiences, either my own or on occasion, those borrowed from someone else.” Some of his songs will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will cause you to stop and think and some are just plain silly. A Mitch Hayes show is a wonderfully entertaining experience and one that should not be missed. Mitch was born and has lived most of his life in North Carolina. He says “though I’ve traveled extensively in and outside the United States, I always find myself returning to the Carolinas. Something about the beauty and diversity one experiences from the mountains to the sandy shores of the Carolina coast keeps drawing me back. It’s just home.”