For fans,,
Montanez, Primer Paso... which it mean first step, was release in 2007 in Cleveland Ohio, that was the first Latin urban Christian music album that bring a revolution in the Hispanic Churches where it was a different and fresh way of bringing the message of Salvation to the Hispanic community. This album carried Reggaeton, and Hip-Hop music created by various producer like Angel (Acti's) Ramos ,Elvin (kiko) Negron, Benjamin from (LED), and much more. Montanez work 4 years just to made this album happen, there's also various artist whose bless Montanez by participating in this production, like, Gabriel Montanez, El Capellan (owner of Lil Pito, PBC, Joseph King, Angel Activao, and Abizaac Lopez. This is Montanez First Album, First Step to the Music Industry, First experience, First Journey and Wants to share the word of salvation of Jesuschrist thru the music that get the attention of those whose likes Reggaeton and Hip-Hop music.