Moses Mo

For fans of:Mother's Finest, DAG, Sly & The Family Stone, Kings of Leon, Wombats

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Creativity pours freely from every ounce of Gary “Moses Mo” Moore. Whether he’s igniting scorching hot riffs from his appropriately red guitar with Mother’s Finest, working in the studio producing his own unique brand of rock or sharing the international stage with his fellow musicians from “Carl Carlton and the Songdogs”,

Mo (as he is affectionately known by both friends and fans) quite simply creates. With roots in Dayton, Ohio, Mo followed his parents lead. His Dad played professionally for a while in a Kentucky bluegrass band and his Mom for family gatherings. His defining moment came when he was asked by Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy and Glenn “Doc” Murdock to go to Miami. “At the time of my high school graduation,” Moore said, “there were only two choices for me: go work in one of the many factories located in the area or play in a band. I chose (to) play in a band.”

It was in the clubs of Atlanta, GA that he and his fellow band mates honed a sound that not doubt was instrumental in renaming the city “Hotlanta”. He worked with the band Illusion featuring Jay Willard, Paul McCoy, Tom Reed, Barry “B.B. Queen” Borden (another former Mother’s alumni), and Bobby Chouinard and most recently, Carl Carlton and the Songdogs, working with Ian Maclagan, Bobby Keys, Levon Helm, Eric Burdon, Robert Palmer, Zack Alford and Sonny Landreth.

In 2010 Moses Mo released his first solo effort entitled “Cartoon You”. With the exception of ‘Highway Child’ and ‘Nowhere’, he wrote and recorded the songs on the CD within a six month time frame. According to Mo, “What I bring to the stage or studio is the RHYTHM; it's the only thing that matters to me. It has always been about the rhythm”.

It’s quite obvious that Moore is equally at home on the spot lit stages of the world or behind the scenes in the studios, on his own or blending with the bands in which he plays, writing songs or building cars: a down-to-earth guy with a stellar ability to do one thing well…