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MPressFest SXSW 2016 - 10th Anniversary

MPressFest SXSW 2016 - 10th Anniversary by MPressFest SXSW
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For fans of:Rachael Sage, K's Choice, A Fragile Tomorrow, Seth Glier, Matt Nakoa
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  1. I've Been Waiting - Rachael Sage - Choreographic
  2. Scars - Seth Glier - If I Could Change One Thing
  3. Siouxsie - A Fragile Tomorrow - Make Me Over
  4. Woman - K's Choice - The Phantom Cowboy
  5. Headphones On - Melissa Ferrick - Still Right Here
  6. Sympathetic Vibrations - The Paper Raincoat - NAV4
  7. Troubadour - Walter Parks - NAV4
  8. Safe and Sound - JP Hoe - NAV4
  9. Isn't It Lovely - Katie Costello - NAV4
  10. Stronger - Mieka Pauley - NAV2
  11. Sail The Sea - Gregory Douglass - NAV2
  12. Lay It On Me - Kyler England - NAV2
  13. Not The Heartless Kind - Amy Speace - NAV1
  14. Goodness Gracious - Jim Bianco - NAV1
  15. 4th Of July - Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers - NAV3
  16. From Nowhere To Now Here - The Kin - NAV3
  17. Other Side Of It All - Caleb Hawley - NAV4
  18. Move Me - Violet & the Undercurrents - WAVES
  19. Light In The Dark - Matt Nakoa - Light In The Dark
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In today’s ever-shifting music landscape, it’s remarkable for anything to happen more than three times in a row, never mind ten – but that’s exactly what is going to happen in Austin this March, as New York City-based indie label MPress Records presents its <b style="font-size: 14.4px;">10th “MPressFest” SXSW Official Day Party </b>at the Soho Lounge on 6th Street.

This free sampler is a tribute to the artists who have helped shape our party over the years and the ones that will appear at the 10th anniversary on March 18th, 2016. Please enjoy a brand new, unreleased track from Rachael Sage, ahead of her new album CHOREOGRAPHIC, out on May 20th!


1. Rachael Sage - I've Been Waiting

2. Seth Glier - Scars

3. A Fragile Tomorrow - Siouxsie

4. K's Choice - Woman

5. Melissa Ferrick - Headphones On

6, The Paper Raincoat - Sympathetic Vibrations

7. Walter Parks - Troubadour

8. Katie Costello - Isn't It Lovely

9. JP Hoe - Safe & Sound

10. Mieka Pauley - Stronger

11. Gregory Douglass - Sail the Sea

12. Kyler England - Lay it on me

13. Amy Speace - Not the Heartless Kind

14. Jim Bianco - Goodness Gracious

15. Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers - 4th of July

16. The Kin - From Nowhere to Now Here

17. Caleb Hawley - Other Side of it All

18. Violet & the Undercurrents - Move Me

For fans of:Rachael Sage, K's Choice, A Fragile Tomorrow, Seth Glier, Matt Nakoa
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