Mrs. Magician

Daytrotter Session - Jun 4, 2012

Jun 4, 2012 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Mrs. Magician
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Hours Of The Night
  3. Fools Paradise
  4. There Is No God
  5. Don't Flatter Yourself
There are nights when you just wonder how the world - all its various and truly unaffiliated parts - has figured out a way, not to fuck with you, but just tickle you a little bit. As long as you're able to snicker a little bit, that's the difference. Getting fucked with implies that you're completely against the assault, while getting tickled is at least different. As I'm listening to San Diego band Mrs. Magician tonight, the idea occurred to me to just look through random tweets from people I don't know, but decided that they want to follow what I'm up to/not up to, but tweeting about at all hours of the day. These tweets refresh themselves with 20 new additions every two seconds and it's almost ludicrous the way that the stream is so steady, the onslaught so damned thick.

Just before cashing in for the night, some girl posted, "I am a very happy and blessed girl! Thank you god for so so much! Greatest moments, greatest people, greatest love! Good night." Right at that moment, Jacob Turnbloom, Mrs. Magician's lead singer, was singing, "You're all gonna die/Does it make you wanna cry/To know that I'm gonna live forever/Because you never looked me in the eye/There's no God/There's no God/La la la/There's no God," as if it were the most joyous and pleasing revelation ever. You can see how such a juxtaposition, wholly random and jarring could make one giggle.

The way that Turnbloom sings, "Therrrrre isssss noooooooo Goooooood," makes it sound wanted and devastatingly ideal. It makes you wonder what the line actually means to him, as elsewhere on the band's debut full-length - a collection of songs from previously released 7-inches - he sings, "My soul won't wait for me," and there should be a question posed about where the soul is off to. The hints at there being a God or none at all is debunked or supported with the same exuberance, however the argument has turned. It reminds us of the way that the Beach Boys have always used the concept of God to never mean the guy upstairs in the white robe, surrounded by harps and angels and sorta always meaning that guy as well. Mrs. Magician seeks "a love so sweet and true" and that's about all there is to seek. If they must rail against God for withholding it, it's all the same to them.