Vic Sinclair

For fans of:Tim Hawkins, They Might Be Giants, Dan Zanes

Are you ready for the funny? Vic Sinclair, aka Mr. Vic, brings home the kids/family comedy in spades.

Sinclair has been called a rock-star for kids, a standup comic for children and families, and “that funny man with the hair.” Whatever you call him, he is quickly becoming one of the most sought after family entertainers. His bag of tricks includes comedy, insane puppets with minds of their own, hilarious song parodies, side-splitting illusions, and audience participation improvisations.

Brought together with a rock star flare that keeps kids coming back for more, children can't get enough of Mr. Vic. “Who knew a room full of preschoolers and elementary students could laugh for an hour straight,” says Jenn Peterson, Director of Collin Creek Community Church! “Mr. Vic was a hit from beginning to end.”