For fans of:the beatles, collective soul, devo, the fixx, xtc

INTRODUCTION eccentric eclectic keyboardist / guitarist / vocalist / composer / producer / engineer with song styles ranging from retro power-pop to progtronica to neo-classical and back again.

THE WHOLE STORY mullymusic (1996 - present) :

mully - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drum, programming, sequencing

discography :

coulda shoulda woulda (album/alignment/sotmc-v1csw)

volume one * alt mixes (album/alignment/sotmc-v1am)

state of the art lo-fi (album/alignment/sotmc-v2sotal)

volume two * alt mixes (album/alignment/sotmc-v2am)

new to you (album/alignment/sotmc-v3nty)

volume three * alt mixes (album/alignment/sotmc-v3am)

it's going to change (single/alignment/igtc)

hero (single/alignment/hero)

caught in the breakdown (single/alignment/citb)

here i am (single/alignment/hia)

living my life (single/alignment/lml)

lost treasure (single/alignment/lt)

mully was recording songs as mullymusic for a new project called the "single of the month club" which began in january of 2009 and ran through december 2011.

individual songs were released on the last tuesday of every month. (alt mixes were only available for purchase but are being released on the same monthly schedule from january 2012 through december 2014.)

all songs are made available as free downloads on the audio page of upon release.

the first 12 songs from 2009 were compiled and released as a full-length cd titled "coulda shoulda woulda" as well as a companion disk of alternate mixes titled "volume one * alt mixes".

the second batch of 12 songs from 2010 were also combined and released as a full-length cd titled "state of the art lo-fi" as well as another companion cd "volume two * alt mixes".

the third batch of 12 songs from 2011 were combined and released as a full-length cd titled "new to you" and also featured a companion cd "volume three * alt mixes".

all disks are available at, the itunes store,, and many other digital locations as well as here at noise trade.

2013 and beyond.... mullymusic is writing and recording new songs as well as working on some older projects that he wants to share with you.