Nathan Hall

Strange Arrangement

Strange Arrangement by Nathan Hall
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For fans of:Bon Iver, alt J, David Bazan
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  1. Goodbye
  2. Strange Arrangement
  3. Echo Machine
  4. Where Do We Go?
  5. Remember My Heart
  6. How Much You Hurt
  7. Ashamed
  8. Rewrite Your Brain
  9. Burn the Heretic
  10. God Why?
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2017 was a strange year…

This past year I left my job as a worship pastor of my home church. One Sunday morning last January, I had to stand up in front of a thousand people (many of whom I had known since childhood) and say, more or less, “It’s been real. I’m Out.”

It was so strange. I love that church. I love those people. That wasn’t just a job I was leaving; I was leaving my identity behind. I felt like I had turned my back on my family. I felt lost. And it broke my heart.

But… I was also liberated. I had come to a place where I was so empty. I felt it in my bones. And, the moment the decision switch flipped “on” in my head, I never felt a single moment where I should turn it “off.”

Have you ever been “lost” and “liberated” at the same time? It is a strange feeling. And in that strangeness, I wrote a bunch of songs.

This album is that bunch of songs, plus a few others Iv'e written in the past few years. The project is called “Strange Arrangement.” And there’s a story behind the title. In one of my last meetings on staff at my church, one of my co-workers was giving an update on her area of ministry. In an honest, vulnerable moment, she voiced her struggles juggling all the things going on in her life. And in her description, she said “it’s a strange arrangement.” I loved the sound of that phrase. And the tone of her statement immediately resonated with me. So, I jotted the phrase down in my notebook and wrote a song about it the next day.

Strange Arrangement.

So, if you interested in a bunch of songs about identity, existence, de/reconstruction and saying goodbye, I would love for you to hear it.

For fans of:Bon Iver, alt J, David Bazan
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