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Dorm Daze, Vol. 1 (Remix & Remaster)

Dorm Daze, Vol. 1 (Remix & Remaster) by it'somewhat humanoid!
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For fans of:Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, fun., We Shot the Moon, Vampire Weekend
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  1. December 15
  2. Thanksgiving Break (Remix)
  3. Face-to-Face (Version II)
  4. Singing Lessons (Remix)
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. December 15 (Live)
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this is a collection of some songs written during my last couple of semesters 2016-2017

it was meant to have a very raw and authentic sound. that's why i've minimized my use of synths, didn't autotune the vocals, and really focused on making my lyrics more poetic.

"December 15" came to me while I was walking back from class and looked around at all the noses in phones - let's reconnect, everyone.

"Thanksgiving Break" was written around the end of my semester when i got my holiday time blues. i was scrolling through facebook and realized flint michigan still didn't have clean drinking water. i felt so horrible when i realized that i get passionate about an issue and then just let it slip away, while i sit comfy in my privilege.

"Face-To-Face" was inspired by a post my sister wrote about how love was redefined for her after having an "oops!" baby. her and oliver are going to do some amazing things! sometimes it can seem like the world is a dark pit, but hope and love are with us as long as you make it so.

"Singing Lessons" was written for a women's empowerment concert on campus. it was inspired by the strength of my mother and the realization that i've been abusive and sexist in my relationships. your voice is a powerful weapon; wield it wisely.

"In Your Eyes" i was working in an elementary school when a young child was scolded for crying. why are we not allowed to feel? they keep us doped up with substances and cheap entertainment. this song was inspired by a friend of mine who is using the troubles of her own life for empowerment and helping others. (she has mesmerizing eyes!) this song is about accepting the pain and suffering in life and using it to your benefit. (also, it's OK to cry sometimes.)

to sum it up, there are strong hints of feminism and distaste for social media/technology in this album.

i hope the message of hope rings through all of my work!

peace & love

For fans of:Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, fun., We Shot the Moon, Vampire Weekend
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