New York Summer

Ticking Clocks And Masquerades

Ticking Clocks And Masquerades by New York Summer
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For fans of:U2, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, Our Lady Peace, Emerson Hart
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  1. Wait
  2. Summer Days
  3. It's All I Know
  4. More Than This
  5. Go
  6. Passengers
  7. So Messed Up
  8. Could It Be
  9. Where Are You Now
  10. Watch Me Burn
  11. Hold on
  12. Be Just Fine
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“Summer days are all for losing hearts…” Having a dream birth from the end of a long summer is not the usual path that a band follows. Bring four guys together with this same dream and you might just have something special. Put them in one of their living rooms to write, create and record their story and you see whom New York Summer is. Their dream was to create something that lasts, something new, something to move you and lastly, something honest. Without the help of a producer or songwriters and setting up camp in the guitarists’ living room, “Ticking Clocks and Masquerades” – a collection of thoughts, desires, heartache, hope and honesty - was birthed into life. The story lines within the album describe the times we have all had in any relationship, whether it a friend, lover or family, we are all looking for a better life. New York Summer are ready, willing and wanting to show you that rock music is here to stay. Ticking Clocks and Masquerades will be the breath of fresh air we all have been seeking within these confined spaces of meaningless words and expressions we’ve been sold.
For fans of:U2, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, Our Lady Peace, Emerson Hart
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