Nicki Tedesco

Heaven Is A Ghost Town

Heaven Is A Ghost Town by Nicki Tedesco
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For fans of:The Breeders, Hole, L7, Elastica
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  1. Trapped Inside
  2. Heaven Is A Ghost Town
  3. Egotistical Boys
  4. Cross to Bear
  5. Taco Truck
  6. Broken
  7. Enchanted
  8. What Are You Waiting For

This album travels from serious concepts to fun ones. On TRAPPED INSIDE (a riff heavy groove with vocal snarls and a bonus horror film scream): about how your own ego can paralyze you. The Title track HEAVEN IS A GHOST TOWN (a jumpy pop song with punk attitude) was inspired by a dream where Nicki snuck into Heaven, found her mother, and it turned out they were the only 2 people there! On EGOTISTICAL BOYS (a heavy Joan Jett, AC/DC sound with a punk edge): about the competition culture of men. On CROSS TO BEAR (a beautiful haunt groove that builds and gets in your face): about not being willing to truly help others in need. On TACO TRUCK (a pop punk pleaser that starts out with a blues slide guitar and pops you in the head with it's verses and chorus): about moving to Hawaii to open a taco truck even though you're broke and no one understands! On BROKEN (a pop 90s influenced Breeders reminiscent jam) about faking it on the outside but being broken on the inside. On ENCHANTED (post punk sing/screams and a dreamlike bridge): about how after thousands of years us humans still can't seem to learn simple concepts of kindness. On WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR (a dreamlike post punk almost shoegazer vibe): about an out of body experience at a funeral.


All songs written and performed by Nicki Tedesco. All guitar work, production and drum editing by Alex Guadagnoli. Album Artwork by Brian P. Judy. Cover art by James Parris

For fans of:The Breeders, Hole, L7, Elastica
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