Old Ceremony

Daytrotter Session - May 2, 2009

May 2, 2009 Daytrotter Studio Rock Island, IL by Old Ceremony
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  1. Cohen
  2. Lolita
  3. Plunkitt
Django Haskins, the lead singer of the North Carolina group The Old Ceremony, pays homage to Leonard Cohen (of whose works the band has named itself after), Vladimir Nabokov and to a crooked government official as portrayed in William Riordon's 2008 book "Plunkitt of Tammany Hall" here as he checks in with a long-overdue new Bookery reading. He reads a short poem penned by Cohen, in which the author admits to being a poor lover of the moon, and he reads a section of the book about George Washington Plunkitt, whom he compares in modern times to the snakey actions of Blago from the Great State of Illinois. The third reading -- a glut of treats from a man who helps to write some slinking and rich musical pieces that are full of the simple life getting tainted by modern aspirations and such -- is a portion of Nabokov's classic "Lolita" and it mentions tennis people.