Oran B

For fans of:Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Hootie & The Blowfish

I started playing keyboards when I was a teenager. My parents were both very encouraging of my natural inclination towards music. I played in a few bands during my late teens and early twenties while I was learning to play the piano and guitar, I didn’t see any reason to wait until I mastered the instrument. Why not just jump in? It was a lot of fun “back in the day.” We played just about everything; country rock, blues-rock, jazz rock, you name it! If it was rockin’ we’d play it.

I played professionally in southern California for about a year, it was back when Southern Rock was the big thing. Lynryd Synyrd, Charlie Daniels Band, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles, etc… It was a blast playing in clubs every night, we got to see crowds connect with our music in a way that few musicians ever really get to. They were mostly bars, but we did have the opportunity to play in some really cool medium-size venues too for crowds of more than 1000 people. Some of my favorite places that we played during that time were military bases and prisons in the area. No crowd is more appreciative than at a correctional facility, especially when your lead singers are great looking blondes!

I’ve had several jobs during my adult life. Radio, Newspaper, Club Musician, Security Guard, Floral Distributor and Office Administrator, but my favorite was leading a group of musicians known collectively as Frontline, what a privilege!