Paul Anleitner

Spontaneous Live Collection Volume 1

Spontaneous Live Collection Volume 1 by Paul Anleitner
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For fans of:John Mark McMillan, Jason Upton, United Pursuit Band, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, Bryan and Katie Torwalt
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  1. Fill Me Once Again (Spontaneous)
  2. Kingdom Come (Spontaneous)
  3. The Light of Your Face (Spontaneous)
  4. Healing (Spontaneous)
  5. I Will Follow - feat. Jeremy Perigo (Spontaneous)
  6. War Prayer (Spontaneous Instrumental)
  7. Stir Up the Water- feat. Chris Burns (Spontaneous)
  8. A Flowing River and a Tree (Bonus Studio Track-2012)
  9. Kingdom of Love (Bonus Studio Track-2010)
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From 2010 thru 2012, I recorded dozens of our worship gatherings and conferences where me and my friends had the opportunity to minister. Nearly any time I knew we would have an hour or two to worship, I wanted to capture it. I knew that when we got together in an atmosphere of freedom, dedicated to authentic communion with God, special moments would happen and I wanted to just have a history of those moments to keep.

Aside from the special night of worship we had in May of 2011 that became Jump Into The Wonder, and the occasional sharing of a tune online via soundcloud, YouTube, or social media, most of those moments had never been heard again by anyone but me (and maybe me showing my wife!).

My goal, and the goal of all the amazing friends of mine who have worshipped with me at these gatherings, has always been to be open and vulnerable with our hearts to God and all those in the room, to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit even it means looking foolish, and to not be afraid to take risks on instruments and with our voices as we respond to His goodness. To share that vulnerability with the world can be a little frightening, kind of like sharing an intimate conversation with a good friend or your spouse with the whole word. Those kinds of conversations aren't always neat, aren't always meticulously planned; sometimes they just happen and they are messy and maybe they don't even make sense to others who would listen on.

A few months back I stumbled upon some of those old hard drives and listen backed to some of those times of worship and was really moved. After taking nearly a year off from regular worship leading, I had realized that what we had together in those moments was really special and it was worth sharing with other ears. One of the things that made our times so special was that we were blessed by the pastors and others in leadership to just go on and not be in a hurry to leave the moment. Extended instrumental prayers, spontaneous and prophetic songs, and all sorts of things that weren't part of "the page" in front of us happened regularly.

After taking a step back, I realized that though it happened regularly for us in those gatherings, it doesn't happen regularly for everyone. There's a growing groundswell of believers who are hungry for that deep communion that happens when we get off the page in worship.

My hope is that the "songs" on this collection would encourage listeners to not be afraid of exploring more of God's heart in worship and in prayer. There's some musical errors, there's some tempo issues, there's a good dose of our imperfections as humans on these spontaneous songs, but there's also freedom, the power of the Spirit, musical risk, and beautiful sacrifices of praise. When you are wildly in love and you are trying to express that love, its messy, unpredictable, and full of emotion. I just want to bless your own spontaneous expression of that wild love and encourage you to create your own song or prayer in the instrumental sections of songs or along with the instrumental tracks.

Along with those moments of spontaneity, I've also included a couple bonus studio tracks (Kingdom of Love recorded in 2010, and A Flowing River and a Tree recorded in 2012) that represent our efforts to try and bring a thoughtful message and intentional response that is still full of life and the Spirit.

The album will be available for free/donation via noisetrade and also for purchase via iTunes, Amazon Mp3, and most digital music stores on Monday June 30th.

I hope you enjoy it! Paul Anleitner


Drums- Nate Sandoval, Luke Pollard, Evan Enderle, Jared Logan

Percussion- Joseph Loeffler

Bass- Chris Ferriere, Jesse Haugan, Joe Harrier, Joey Stontz, Terrell Pierce

Electric Guitars- Joey Stontz, Chris Burns, Brandon Hampton, Paul Anleitner

Acoustic Guitars- Paul Anleitner, Stephen Perry

Keys- Jon Maxcy, Roland Lozier, Jonathan Kratzke

Sax- Jeremy Perigo

Whistle- Micah Lother

Violin-Vincent Switala

Banjo (Kingdom of Love)- Jared Logan

Vocals- Paul Anleitner,Jeremy Perigo, Chris Burns,

Amient Vox (Track 3)-Brandon Hampton, Micah Lother

Group Vox (Track 8)- Sophie Thiel, Nicole Thiel, Paula Thiel, Leah Davis, Angela Garcia, Jonathan Kratzke, Coty Sloan, Peter Thiel

For fans of:John Mark McMillan, Jason Upton, United Pursuit Band, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, Bryan and Katie Torwalt
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