Paul Starling

Suit Of Armor

Suit Of Armor by Paul Starling
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RockFolk Rock
For fans of:Lindsey Buckingham, Harry Nilsson, Neko Case, Brian Wilson, Wings
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  1. Natalie Wood Reciting Lines
  2. Endless Shores
  3. Watching The Candles Burn
  4. We're All Becoming Policemen
  5. If
  6. Graveyard Nights
  7. The Push & The Pull
  8. No Reason
  9. Stuck Inside A Phonebooth
  10. The Moon & The Sea
  11. Suit Of Armor
  12. The Roman Empire
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Paul Starling has the kind of sound that, if speakers were installed on every beach along the Pacific Coast Highway, would be heard as it floated out and across the sand to join in on the surfing, the sand castle building and the sunbathing. The dreamy, lyrically forward profile of Starling’s latest album, Suit of Armor, makes for a lively addition to the musician’s catalog. Starling’s self-described “nautical pop” is less Beach Boys and more The Decemberists meet Death Cab for Cutie, in a toned-down, more playful kind of way. “Natalie Wood Reciting Lines,” however, calls back to the Brian Wilson-esque sensibility of a surfer’s anthem and could have been a hit in the ’60s as well as today. As the album progresses, Starling drops the giddiness and settles into himself with a few melancholy anthems that showcase his would-be-a-hit-on-the-indie-circuit voice. “Graveyard Nights” is as much country-inspired as it is an ode to the luau, though hearing it as the soundtrack to a night at the drive-in theater would be fitting as well. The title track, “Suit of Armor,” places you on the deck of a cruise ship, lost with your thoughts, and though the deck is bright with a festive array of hanging lights, the ocean is dark and foreboding. There’s depth in Suit of Armor that begs for close attention, but you would be forgiven if you opted for a siesta, straw hat over your face as Starling serenaded you into happy slumber. — Chris O’Neal / Ventura County Reporter


all songs written & recorded by Brian Bringelson

except "The Roman Empire" by Brian Bringelson & Katy Pearson

recorded in & out of Starling Studios 2013 & 2014

RockFolk Rock
For fans of:Lindsey Buckingham, Harry Nilsson, Neko Case, Brian Wilson, Wings
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