For fans of:Nirvana, Ghost, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, Chon, Jimi Hendrix

We are P.B&J. We come from in our home town of Superior WI. Formed
after the break up of Crazy Coliseum, Peter, Jake, and Mr. Peanutbutter
aka Michael moved on to something better. P.B&J would be there new project. After many adventures Michael finds a job he can't turn down working out of state, so Bekah is set to be our new drummer and B in our P.B&J sadwich. We practice hard every day to make our dream of being rock stars a reality. The tireless hours of
dedication will surly show anyone our merit. Our goals are to put on
fantastic, mind boggling shows and Rock as HARD as we can. We are always
looking for gigs, so please contact us if would like us to play for