Professor Syzygy

For fans of:Pink Floyd, Nektar, Radiohead
Started out playing bass for a metal-core band, Devin didn't really feel like he was fitting in with that scene. While everyone was listening to music that was more attuned to that scene, Devin was listening to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Pink Floyd. Eventually, Devin joined a punk band (as the bassist). While Devin liked this more, he still felt out of place. Albeit, being in a scene that had the grittiness and raw emotion such as punk helped shape his current musical taste. And then Devin joined a band that was more pinnacle to the shaping of his musicality: Basileus, an experimental, prog-rock band. Through this band, Devin came to listen to more music he felt was more to his taste. The band that influenced him the most, and inspired what would become his pseudonym/solo project, was Nektar. And now he's in his one-man, psych-rock band: Professor Syzygy.