For fans of:Keith and Krysten Getty, Randy Newman, Josh Garrels

Psallos is committed to providing the Church with songs of worship that are consistent with God’s word, rich in sound doctrine, and intelligible for the sake of edification. Currently comprised of singer/songwriters Cody and Melody Curtis (husband and wife), the band seeks to help Christians address one another in song, singing and making melody (the Greek verb psallo) to the Lord with [their] heart (Eph. 5:19). Psallos strives to seamlessly combine new art music with ageless and thought-provoking words, straight from Scripture.

Slave Songs, the band’s debut release, is a concept album based on the biblical metaphor of spiritual slavery; that is, the imagery of a Christian’s identity as a former slave of sin and current slave of Christ. Consisting of newly composed congregational hymns and Christian art songs, the album directs listeners to worship God by recognizing the cruel condition of enslavement to sin and the rich blessings being enslaved to God. Incorporating both existing and newly composed texts, these slave songs incorporate a wide variety of musical styles, from piano rags to sweeping orchestral suites to simple folk songs.

Their latest projects have consisted of collaborations with the students of Union University, an institution whose mission in academics parallels PSALLOS' mission with music.