Rabbit in the Rye

For fans of:Punch Brothers, Fleet Foxes, The Wood Brothers, Dawes, Nathaniel Rateliff

Rabbit in the Rye is an old beaten leather pair of work boots. Today's wood fire and the yearning of yesterday's, still hot. The vacant and forgotten American image. The portrait of a young man. The lore of the land. Finding home at the end of the long walk. Leaving and coming back. Sweat and sleep. Guilty and vulnerable love.

Rabbit in the Rye is a collection of bittersweet fables and genuine storytelling. Allegory and honesty. Carefully crafted as if at a moments notice it could break. Deliberately fragile and traditionally progressive. Stark movement and all-enveloping fantastic realism. Poeticism. Romanticism. Rapturous walls of sound, yet sweet and somber waltzes. The creation and breaking of tension, dynamic and linear in composition.

Rabbit in the Rye is a progressive folk rock trio from Hamilton, NY. Joseph Mettler on guitar and harmonica, Alexander Lavon on bass, and Brendan O'Connor on percussion and mandolin.