Rabbits on Trees

For fans of:Frank Turner, Radical Face, nothing, nowhere., My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio

Hi. My name is Lukas. In early 2019 I decided that my bachelor's degree wasn't worth the time and effort anymore and became a full time musician - so I launched this Rabbits on Trees project. I write the songs, record them in my own four walls and then travel around the country by train, playing as many shows as I can, with my acoustic guitar. I refer to my genre as "bedroom punk" because some of the songs are a bit brute, others almost completely silent. And right in the middle there is hope that things will get better once you stake everything on one card.

On August 27, 2021 I released the second album. It's about a time pre-corona, about two people that anyways rather write to each other page-long text messages instead of meeting in person. They're songs about hopeful loneliness, melancholic thirst for action. About progress and regress. And about letting go and moving on.