For fans of:Eshon Burgundy, Bizzle, propaganda, KB, Lecrae

ReadyWriter was born on a military base in Nuremberg Germany. He was raised in multiple locations as his father traveled the world in the military. He attended grade school in Columbia South Carolina and claims South Carolina as his home. While in South Carolina he began to listen to artist like Wu Tang, Outkast, Canibus, Biggie, Bone, Ice Cube and plethora of others.

ReadyWriter chose the military as a career and traveled the world as his father did. Having grown up in the church he attended most Sundays despite not knowing how to properly carry himself as a follower of Christ. While taking part in Operation Enduring Freedom (war) he was discipled by a young brother in the faith and had an experience with Jesus. After this ReadyWriter was baptized and started on path that true followers of Christ travel. ReadyWriter met up Godchaserz through a mutual friend of both parties for a mixtape. Since that collaboration Readywriter and Godchaserz have been doing music to reach lost. His vision is to use his gift in lyricism to catch the ear of the lost in hopes that they might hear the word of God presented. After hearing the word of God he hopes that they will seek out the things of the God of the Bible