Rebecca Loebe

For fans of:Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell, Patty Griffin, Kathleen Edwards, Rufus Wainwright

Rebecca Loebe is a nationally touring independent singing songwriter from Atlanta,GA, currently living in Austin, TX. It's been ten years since Rebecca quit her job as a full-time recording studio engineer to pursue music full-time and since then she has performed an average of 150 shows her years at colleges, coffeehouses and theaters in over 40 states of the US, as well as Europe and Japan. She has garnered rave reviews for her high-energy performances, weaving together skillful, emotional songwriting, folk storytelling and whimsical comedy for the ADHD generation.

If Rebecca's name sounds familiar, it's because her 2010 independent release 'Mystery Prize,' spent 10 weeks on the US & European Americana Top 40 Charts and caught the attention of casting directors for NBC's 'The Voice,' who invited her to audition on the premier episode of the first season last year. She went on to be a part of that first season of The Voice' as Team Adam and is proud to say that, since their mentorship, that boy's career has really skyrocketed and she's really proud of him.

Of course appearing on national television gave her a big boost but she's happy to be where she is most comfortable: on the road, performing original music in listening rooms all over the country (well, world).

Check out Rebecca's tunes here on Noisetrade and then make a plan to come see her play live -- music is a lot like making love: hard to approximate over the internet. Come to a live show to experience the real thing.