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Ammo by Rel Paul
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For fans of:Lecrae, Da' Truth, Flame, Thi'sl, Andy Mineo
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Acknowledging the problem never really seems to be the core issue and often comes with great ease. However, finding the solution to the problem, for whatever reason, always manages to be a task we escape with little to no effort. Ammo speaks directly to man becoming the change that we so earnestly desire. It encourages that our screams and rants for transformation will turn into action with equal passion. It is a personal yet universal message of one being ready to engage the world for the cause of Christ but believes to be without the proper tools, or ammunition if you will, to complete this great commission. To be a part of an army that is locked but not loaded leads to a cry out to God, the supplier, to be filled with the much needed ammo to complete the mission that He has sent them on only to find that God's response is that, You Are The Ammo! In other words what we need is already in us it just needs to be stirred up (2 Tim 1:6). Ammo is about excepting that "you wasn't made to take one for the team, you was made to be aimed at the team". The voice that says "what you want you're suppose to be" is certainly not a new word, just one that is hard to except because of what it will cost those of us who say yes. To be the Ammo will cost you, well, everything (Matt 16:24-26). Overall: The father is saying to us: I provided a solution to the problem, & then I placed it in you. "And I guarantee I made you well, but you are just a shell"
For fans of:Lecrae, Da' Truth, Flame, Thi'sl, Andy Mineo
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