Rel Paul


Vandalism by Rel Paul
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For fans of:Lecrae, Da' Truth, Flame, Thi'sl, Andy Mineo
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Vandalism came from the overwhelming struggle we have to let what others label us define us instead of what we do. With the growing power of social media and other outlets, criticism no longer resides in just your critics living room, but now knocks on your front door hourly. Even in my genre the constant debate is what to label, or not to label ourselves, which ultimately seems to be how others define what we do and that should not be. How can we help people escape identity through labels if we ourselves can't. We are to be known by our fruits! Which means we should be known by what we do, not just what we say. Someone will always label you and what you do as something other than what it truly is, but this song is about embracing your "let your game do the talking moment" or in our case let your life do the talking. I chose to use myself as the example to my peers and this world and respond to those who define by labels in the opening line "call me what you wanna, call this what you wanna, but it dont stop what Rel doing...". No matter what others call us or what we may even call ourselves, we need to be found "doing" the fathers business. Overall: Doing what you were created to do is the most creative thing you can ever do & creativity takes courage.
For fans of:Lecrae, Da' Truth, Flame, Thi'sl, Andy Mineo
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