Remembering Venice

For fans of:Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, Paramore, Rob Thomas, Dashboard Confessional
In early 2005, Mel Burns began writing music. Writing and recording on his own proved to be a creative outlet and way to express himself. Mel preformed in a variety of rock bands throughout the year, however, was still looking for members to form his ideal project. Having songs written, Mel searched for musicians that shared his passion for describing life’s experiences through music. In late 2005, Mel joined several musicians who were former students of Venice Heights Middle School to form the band Remembering Venice. The band recorded and released they’re first EP, “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, which demonstrated the band’s use of heavy guitars, catchy melodies and mixed punk rock, along with a sense of pop songwriting. Performing throughout the next years, in 2011 Remembering Venice began recording they’re second album, “Beauty of Broken Things.” The album is to be released early 2012. and is bound to make a statement.