Renee & Jeremy

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Renee & Jeremy, who Zoogloble hail as “the best vocal duo in kid’s music bar none,” have been making music for people of all ages for the past five years, releasing three acclaimed albums, and delighting children and parents around the world with their videos, which have racked up more than 2 Million views on YouTube. Parents themselves, Renee & Jeremy burst onto the family music scene with their debut album, 2007s It’s A Big World, which Babble ranked #2 in their Top 50 baby music albums of all time, calling it, “one of the most beautiful recordings of recent years for music fans of any age – and a chill-out essential.” C’mon, followed in 2009, and Mothering Magazine gushed over its “upbeat tempos, lush harmonies and lyrics that capture the tenderness of a family’s heart.” AOL’s Parent Dish also lavished, “as grown-up-friendly as they are, Renee & Jeremy’s riffy guitars and sweetly smooth vocals make their songs just as enjoyable to kids who are not yet old enough to realize that LMNO isn’t one letter…these songs are for everybody.”

Now, with their recently released A Little Love, Renee & Jeremy tap into the contemporary pop songbook to make an endearing album featuring their unique and heart felt take on hits by such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Give It Away”), Coldplay (“Yellow”), The Monkees (“Daydream Believer”), Queen (“You’re My Best Friend”) and many others. Produced by Rich Jacques and mixed by Brian Yaskulka, A Little Love was recorded when Stahl was pregnant with her second child. Toback has two children of his own. The result is a collection of tracks that comprise Renee & Jeremy’s most accessible album to date. Mindy Thomas of Sirius XM Kid’s Place Live says, “I’m kinda going nuts over these new old songs! In more than a few cases, I’m loving these versions way more than I ever did the originals.” And Daily Candy praised Renee & Jeremy’s versions of these classics as, “gleeful nuggets you’ll want to turn up, even without the tots around.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Renee & Jeremy have such a wide appeal – both are successful artists in their own right in the mainstream rock world. Renee Stahl cut her teeth as a solo artist releasing successful solo albums, including the much lauded Hopeful Romantic. And Jeremy is well known for his work with Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard in the seminal Seattle band, Brad, as well as his work with the new alt rock group, Chop Love Carry Fire.

Renee & Jeremy’s records are accessible enough to engage young children and sufficiently cool and sophisticated to inspire parents to play it again and again. The end result is music that even celebrities can’t live without. Kelly Rutherford muses, “I love your music and my children love it - it is something tender and wise and timeless to share as parent and child.” And Rainn Wilson cuts to the chase: “R&J are the best kids’ music ever!!!”