Rene Villa

For fans of:Brandon Williams, Alan Shepard, Nelss

José René Villafuerte Flores (born 26 January 1997) best known as Rene Villa is a Costa Rican singer-songwriter and model.

In 2015, Villa recorded some demos, including “Dónde Estás”, the first spanish song who has released under a different name “Shory Flores”, this being his debut in the music industry.

Before changing his artist name, the songs were released by his old names, including "Juntos (Al Amanecer)” & “ Te Quiero (Pa' Mi)".

During 2020, Villa participated on Alan Shepard’s album “The Right Time, which is the featuring in ”A Tu Lado" under the pseudo name of “Jay Flores”. The album was released by Howrec Entertainment. This song was written by Alan and René, and produced by Alan Shepard.

In 2021, the album RAWR is released in UK, which contains 9 songs, including “It’s Your Fault”, written by René and produced by Alan Shepard, Costa Rican musician and producer.