Reyna Noemi

For fans of:beyonce, nina sky, rihanna, india arie, v.rose

Reyna Noemi Is a prime example of what it means to Rise up out of the ashes and become a Brand new, beautiful creation, like a Phoenix. She came from a walk of life which involved Hustling, running the streets in her hometown, and being a local celebrity, known as Bad Habet. At a young age her dream was to become a Singer and actress, not knowing that one day this dream would come true. She brong a fresh sound out of the New York, tri-state area and that's when it all began. On June 10, 2006 she release her first album "Stuck On Love". Reyna Noemi (Bad Habet) has open up for Various artist's in the music industry such as Remy Martin, Jae Millz, George Lamont, Kiko Rodriguez, Ivy Queen, Nicky Jam, Petey Pablo and many more. She was also featured on the "Jimmy's Commercial" In August 2003 on MTV and BET, During the BET awards. Suddenly, she came to an intersection in her life that stopped her in her tracks. She grew tired of living the street life and making music for the world. She knew deep down inside it wasn't fulfilling her and knew there had to be something more.

In 2007 Reyna Noemi changes her lifestyle of living. She made a life changing decision to follow Christ. This meeting with the Holy Spirit changed Everything, from her music, to finding her true passions, knowing her value and finding her true idenity in Christ, to building a new Empire of her own here on earth for the King .

Reyna Noemi is now looked up to by many as an Example. Her Mission is to raise Kings and Queens and show them that there's a way of escape from living in pure darkness. Her goal is to open up they're eyes so that they can see, that they were created for more. She prays and hope to continue to inspire many with her testimony because her testimony is someone else's Answered Prayer. It is important for her, that every man and woman on earth, acknowledge they're worth! She truly believes, that there is a Giant within each and everyone one of us who is yelling to come out!

Reyna Noemi is an all around Entrepreneur, From pouring her heart and soul into creating music, being the CEO of her own business as a Freelance Graphic designer known as "Lionesz Designz", selling and distributing hair, Spiritual coaching, as well as being an up coming Author. Reyna Noemi is doing big things and With a fresh new look and sound, she is taking the world by storm. Her dreams are big, and with Yahweh by her side there is NO Stopping her! Be on the lookout for this beautiful, talented daughter of Christ as she rises up like a shining star on display for the world to see.