Roger Jackson

For fans of:Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Eric Church

Roger Jackson feels like he was born with the love of music. He began playing keyboard at age 6 and then started learning guitar at age 9. Raised in a small town in Georgia his spare time was spent listening to country music and learning to hone his craft on guitar. At age 17, he started a band with some friends where he sang lead as well as played guitar. The band played a hometown talent show and caught the ear of a lot of home town people. They began to be booked at fairs, festivals, and other events in the surrounding area. The band created a name for themselves over the next couple of years and began playing all over the state of Georgia. During this time, Roger sat down and wrote his first song. He realized that song writing was a way to put his heart and soul into his music. He knew that he wanted more than just to be a regional act. He wanted to become a great songwriter and take his music career to the next level. He moved to Nashville in August of 2013 with a determination to make music his career. He is currently spending his time writing songs with hit Nashville songwriters. His recently released EP on iTunes is doing great. He is also continuing to tour with his band creating a solid fan base across the Southeast. When asked what inspired him to write songs he says “I love music because it has the ability to touch so many people. People use music to get through their day, when they are happy or sad, music can change people's lives. ” Roger also feels performing live is an important part of his life as well, “Seeing and feeling the energy transfer from stage between the crowd and myself and the band is such a great feeling and I know I could never quit.” In Roger Jackson you have the perfect combination of honest sincerity in his written music, hard driving energetic entertaining live shows, and an overwhelming desire to make music his way of life. He is a future country star in the making.