Roi Anthony

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Roi Chip Anthony
Known for the Katrina classic, Long Way From Home, the artist, producer & writer known as Roi Chip Anthony has been quite busy on the music scene since the release of the classic anthem. As 1 of the original members of the the group LE’JIT , Roi has definitely made his mark as a prominent solo artist & producer in the RnB Soul genre. Roi has earned the new title of Mr. GonnaDoMe from the current hit single Gonna Do Me released on his latest album on his own label Mohitz Intertainment. This smash hit has been ignited as the motivating inspirational anthem which is loved across the country by millions already. It is simply “Feel Good Music” at its finest and that seems to be Chips nitch. Roi Chip is also an inspiring producer/writer as he composed 8 songs from the latest “Keith Sweat” Album released in August 2018 leading with the hit single by Roi entitled “How Many Ways” featuring K-Ci of Jodeci. Roi has worked with many notable artist & producers such as Teddy Riley, Master P and continues to write & produce for even more. With his has hand full on being a triple threat, Roi is on the verge of releasing a 4th solo album dedicated to the RnB Soul & Blues genres. This double album is predicted to be 1 of Roi’s best work. The Louisiana native is simply a gifted and well rounded entertainer many are drawn to sell out audiences. Performing for only standing room audiences & events has catapulted Roi as 1 of the newest dynamic stage performers this generation has ever witnessed. Expect to be filled with soul, emotions, dance and excitement when attending 1 of Roi’s outstanding performances. He is simply Louisiana raised yet groomed from many across the country fusing styles, skills, charisma, passion & Soul all together just like a Louisiana Gumbo!!