Roman Noble

For fans of:Pearl Jam, John Denver, Eric Hassel, Johnny Cash

Roman Noble – the artist persona and project name for Roman Clarkson.

Early on, he figured out the traditional approach to learning music, taking lessons, practicing, coming back each week was not for him. At the time, he wasn’t even interested in play music. He was more into break dancing and the new popularity of rap music. Think Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Whoodini and the Beatsie Boys. In the early teen years, he got more into dancing and taught himself how to dance with the popular R&B artists he heard on the Top 40 radio.

“I never really identified with the traditional rock on Top 40. I just never saw myself as them. Besides, how the heck could I dance to Pour Some Sugar On Me or Cherry Pie? Head bob? I was into sports and in pretty good shape, I just wanted to move and compete in impromptu teen dance competitions.”

The music and artistic influences found in Roman’s expressions range from folk to electronic dance.

“Music has provided me a means to practice inclusion and open mindedness. Each artist is a unique person and I want to experience that uniqueness. I try to listen and process the art.”

Just before college he started working the soundboard for a play production in Hannibal, MO. There he did the production setup, sound and sales. In college he learned how to play guitar and became an avid enthusiast of playing and writing music. He would take his interest and help form a band called Pallas Athena; named after a Greek/Roman goddess. The band played only original songs and lasted for about four months. Roman would then leave college, get married, join the military, work in tech and do all those things middle class America was supposed to do. After his children were old enough to allow him and his wife some flexibility without a sitter, they formed a band with some friends and called it the Subatomic Pioneers. The Subatomics would go on to play in local places such as the Halo Bar, 2720’s and Lemons in Saint Louis, MO. They recorded an EP with five songs, which can still be found on Facebook and MySpace. Roman primarily played guitar and bass, with an occasional showing on drums for a song or two. The band parted ways after about a year.

“I never stopped playing guitar. After I learned, I just never stopped. Sure there were years where I didn’t play as much, like when I was in the Army, but I always played it and it was always out.”

Since then, a lot has changed in the music industry. Roman got back into music writing and production. He started catching up to an industry that is unyielding and always moving. He is producing his own music and doing a lot of mixing to prove he has what it takes to make music sound great, encourage others to make their own music and find his own path in the music industry.