Ryan Delmore

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Deeper Well, Drew Barefoot

Back in Spring 2012, tucked away in the sleepy wine country of Edna Valley, inside a smoky garage full of amps and instruments, tobacco pipes and wrecked motorbikes, Ryan Delmore and Drew Barefoot recorded the five tunes that make up the ' Blind Man See ' ep. Mutual admirers of each others music, these two friends set out to combine Ryan's simple americana hymns with Drew's indie, panoramic soundtrack style; all wrapped up in the crackle and hum of a 60's folk record. Themes of belonging to God the Father, the goodness and mercy of God, His strength in our sickness and weakness, His faithfulness to His children, and the Shepherd's promise of rest, weave in and out through these songs. Ryan and Drew played the instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, banjo, acoustic bass and percussion. Anicia Barefoot and Sarah Delmore sang the beautiful harmonies. Drew captured the sounds and mixed them together real nice. We hope you like 'em!