Ryan Pryor

Philippians EP

Philippians EP by Ryan Pryor
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For fans of:Ben Howard, Alexi Murdoch, Jose Gonzalez, Nick Drake, Ryan Adams
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  1. Remains
  2. Exalt
  3. Steady

Ryan Pryor's Philippians EP sets out to creatively communicate Paul's experience, theology, and the life he encourages the Philippians to live in his letter. The first song, "Remains", represents Paul’s personal experience that he describes within his letter, and the song seeks to express Paul’s primary personal tension within his letter. "Exalt" flows out of the first track and is derived solely from the gospel hymn in Philippians 2:6-11. Creatively utilizing this hymn that roots much of Paul's theology and Christology throughout Philippians, Ryan powerfully emphasizes this succinct Christology in "Exalt". Ryan draws upon Paul's use of Isaiah’s "suffering servant" language in order to describe both Jesus’ life and exaltation. The final song, “Steady”, focuses on Paul's teachings and the ways in which he encouraged the Philippians to live. This song relies mostly on Paul’s writings from chapter four in which he encourages the Philippians to live without worry and in the fullness of prayer. The song “Steady” is almost a lullaby in its style, and it's tone and structure blend in order to convey a final blessing of Paul to the Philippians.

The Philippians EP was written and recorded in its entirety in a few days at Ryan's home in Los Angeles, California.


2014 Copyright. Music and lyrics by Ryan Pryor



I thank God every time I think of you (1:3)

And I hold you in my heart I hold you in my heart (1:7)

And I thank God though I’m in chains for Christ (1:13)

And I am bold and still I’m torn between two worlds (1:20, 22)

I long to be with Christ (1:23-24)

But I am torn in two I long to be with Christ

But my love for you remains


If I go to be with Christ (2:17-18)

I will share your joy Yes, I will share your joy

But I if I don’t, I will see you soon enough (2:24)

You are my joy (4:1)

I hold you in my heart (1:7)


Jesus in the form of God (2:6)

Jesus did not consider being equal with God something to exploit

Jesus in form of a man (2:7-8)

Jesus became like nothing taking the form of a servant

He humbled himself

Jesus obeyed to the point of death death on a cross

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place to the highest place (2:9)

And He gave him the name that is above all names above all names (2:10)

That every knee should bow in heaven and earth in heaven and earth. (2:11)


Steady life (1:27, 2:14-16)

Find joy in God (4:4)

Don’t worry dear children (4:6)

Let prayer cover your lives Live in the peace of Christ (4:7,9)

Guard your hearts and your minds

Let grace flood in (4:23)

Steady life

For fans of:Ben Howard, Alexi Murdoch, Jose Gonzalez, Nick Drake, Ryan Adams
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