Sarah Duet

The Mercy Tapes (EP)

The Mercy Tapes (EP) by Sarah Duet
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For fans of:Penny and Sparrow, S.Carey, Joni Mitchell, Sandra McCracken
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  1. A Question
  2. Have Mercy
  3. Mercy, Make Acquaintance
  4. I'll Wait

In compiling a larger group of songs, I realized a pattern forming in this small handful that carry themes of mercy & making. So I got to thinking about how the songs might fit together and then got to work. What you hear is the product of that process.

In Hebrew, the word for mercy is actually the same word as womb with different vowel points. In light of that, I’ve heard mercy defined as “womb-like mother love” or the willingness and capacity to give oneself over entirely for the sake of another. I’ve found that any encounter with mercy seems to be generative of some creative act–either making something of the stuff of our experience or moving us to make in response to it (or more often some combination of the two). This connection in mercy’s etymology to the word womb seems to characterize that nurturing, creative aspect of it that I’ve intuited. And that’s exciting to me.

So these songs explore what mercy makes of us, what it makes of time, and how it can restore what we have made of things when we haven't done the best job.

As for the title, "The Mercy Tapes"... it is a riff off an author whose work I read gratefully. Dr. Brene Brown talks about the "shame tapes" that play in our heads that say things like "You'll never be good enough," or on an occasion in which we might start to believe we could be, "Who do you think you are?!" I'm well acquainted with these tapes, as it seems many of us are. The shame that speaks these lies isolates us. Shame erodes our humanity & sense of worth, it breaks us apart when we're meant to do this together. Another way I've heard mercy defined is a "generous connectedness to the other." My hope is that rather than those all too familiar, all too divisive shame tapes that we might have different words on repeat in our minds–words that remind us who we are and that we belong to each other and that move us to connect generously. Maybe those words would more appropriately be called "mercy tapes.” I don’t claim that the words found in these songs would function as those tapes for all of us, but they are words that I have pieced together in my journey from shame to mercy, from hidden to known, and from alone to together. And I hope they can be valuable to you in yours.

So, “may mercy make much of us as only mercy can"...time and time again,



All songs written & recorded by Sarah Duet

Watercolor art by Britney Winn Lee, Video Production by Luke Lee (

01 | A Question

Adapted from the second stanza of “Will God Cast Off?“ by Isaac Watts, 1719…hymn #618 in Our Own Hymn-Book, compiled by C.H. Spurgeon. Pilgrim Publications, Second Edition 2002.

02 | Have Mercy

Partially inspired by/adapted from "Ash Wednesday" by TS Eliot, published first in its entirety in 1930 by Faber & Faber. Voice over sample from a recording of TS Eliot reading his poem that I found online at (source unknown).

03 | Mercy, Make Acquaintance

From verse 2: "And mercy may / make much of me, as only mercy can." Originally written by Jennifer Strange. From "On the Death of a Mouse," published at the Art House America blog on December 2, 2010.

04 | I'll Wait

I first heard the phrase “fair design” in a hymn text written by John Newton “Prayers answered by crosses” or “I asked the Lord that I might grow”–published in 1809 in A Collection of Hymns, Original and Select, for the Use of Small Assemblies and Private Christians, #d44.

The content I reference in the album description can be further explored here: and here: .

Lyrics will be available by PDF as part of your download.

For fans of:Penny and Sparrow, S.Carey, Joni Mitchell, Sandra McCracken
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