Sarah Petrella

For fans of:Elle King, Grace Potter, Brandi Carlile, Nikki Lane, Patty Griffin

The path to the release of Sarah Petrella’s album started from the moment she was born. She wrote her first song before the age of 10, and began immersing herself in musical theatre.

From a young age, musical theatre gave Sarah a great opportunity to gain experience performing and constant honing of her writing abilities. At 15, Petrella left for Nashville, TN. to write and record with several prominent musicians including the famed songwriter, Don Goodman. Sarah continued onto a successful career in musical theatre, but was still drawn back to songwriting, her true love and passion.

Sarah’s music breaks the barriers of being genre-specific, and one can hear elements of folk, rock, blues, and country in her tunes, with her main influences ranging from Patty Griffin, Grace Potter and Bonnie Raitt. KCRW describes Sarah's vocal stylings ranging from "light fun, to Broadway, to alt-folk rock in just three cuts-- Petrella is a musician in the fullest sense of the word." Sarah covered Pearl Jam's "Daughter" and KCRW called Sarah's rendition as "strong, sweet, and I think better then the original, which is a classic." Petrella hopes that her music, derived from her life experiences and relationships, will connect with people on a deep and personal level. Her goal is that when her fans hear her music, they will know and feel what she was thinking at the time, a feeling she has shared with some of her own artistic idols.