Scott Beckwith

For fans of:Slaid Cleaves, Neil Young, Todd Snider, John Prine, Sometimes the loud and out there too

Scott Beckwith breathes music. He has been writing songs & creating music since the day he picked up a guitar in 1982 - recording in studios, vans, motels and back rooms since and releasing folk, Americana, blues, and rocking combinations thereof. He also has surf, jazz, and eclectic groovy instrumental music. Currently back to the land in rural Texas where he builds guitars & basses, Scott is releasing (and re-releasing in the digital age) an album a month in 2016. "Other peoples' music has carried and soundtracked my life, and I hope to offer back to that pool - and others - what has come through me on the journey. Music deserves to be released to find where it can be medicine or beacon itinerant souls."