Sebastian Rogers

For fans of:Floetry, Justin Timberlake, John Legend

English born singer, Sebastian Rogers has spent years working behind the scenes as a record producer following his 15 minutes of fame dueting with label-mate RnB stars Floetry on there million selling, 3 time grammy nominated, first record Floetic.

Shortly after the world was introduced to Sebastian on the Foetry track Now You're Gone (More than I can feel), which he wrote and produced - his record company (dreamworks) was taken over and he was dropped before his debut album could be released.

Now, after years of silence, he is releasing a one off single inspired by a challenging period working in full-time Christian ministry - as his faith was tested he found a truer connection to God and was inspired in a prayerful moment to put pen to paper. The track features well known friends and collaborators from his now home town of Portland Oregon, USA. Including writer/performer/activist Michelle Lang on backing vocals, Chris Johnedis on drums and Skip VonKuske (Portland Cello Project) on cello.